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Oil Leak Gear Box?

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Hi All have noticed an oil leak on my garage floor only very small spots do not think it is engine oil as it is not black 5000 miles since service no mention of it then(end of June).Had a good look round and some clean oil under gear box.So do you think this will covered under warranty?.Think It's a trip to TCH Burton in the morning.Car is 1.6 Tdci 27 month old 22000 Miles.Will let you know what they say,if it has to go in for a long job may see if they lend me a 1L Fez for a bit of fun.

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If it is in warranty take it back. Oil shouldn't be leaving the gearbox or the engine under normal circumstances, especially when run in. Have them take a look.

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Hi Just to update car in Friday TCH Burton have had a better look and found the problem drivers side drive shaft oil seal so ok to drive.let you know the outcome.Don't think I will have a lone car as I am going to come home (Have a go with my new bus pass)LOL.

At TCH lone car has £1000 excess + A COST OF £10.

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Hi, I had to have a different gearbox fitted after only driving my 52plate 1.4 duratec for a week, (had to use the bus :rolleyes:). Found it's getting a bit rough/notchy again and noticed loads of oil leaking from the drivers side driveshaft seal. Have got a new seal to fit, am wondering if all I need to do is undo the clamp, lower the shaft (?by letting the nuckle drop?) and pull on the shaft to pop it out?????? Wishfull thinking, right!!! Will I have to undo anything on the strut?

How do I drain my gearbox oil before I start?

How do I top up my gearbox oil and to what level, when finishing?

Hope you don't mind me posting on your post, yours was the only gearbox post I found so far. Will try to copy n paste this to a new post also.

Thanks :)

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