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Has anyone not noticed the name of the person who posted the ad on ebay is called Ben, and the name of the person who posted it on this forum is also called Ben.

Coincidence? lol i think not!

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH. no no no no, thats definitely not me :)

My ebay name is far more exciting :)

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I find it brilliant, there really are some interesting ways to improve bidding, and most people will bid in that situation not for the product on sale, but to be part of the bid. Then some poor sap will roll up at the end ££££s out of pocket, and will then realise he has bought a standard MR2, but as far as sales tactics go, he is making more than the car's worth.

Put it this way, the woman who put her mustard yellow dress on ebay... remember the unfortunate first photo she took with a mirror close by! and she sold that dress...


There is some method to this fella's madness

(thanks to the owners of the pictures above, I am not trying to steal your photos and put them on this website, honest, I am just trying to share the info!) - There that satisfies copyright!

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I'm more interested in what that item at the base of her side drawers might be.

Looks curious to me ;)

Its some sort of a mop or hoover for soaking up spills is it ?

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Reminds me of a time when I was 13

There was and is an electrical appliance store in ardee co.Louth called McGhee's

I was in it looking to buy my first stereo,

When a guy from Dublin came in to return a toaster,

He said to the girl behind the counter "I bought this toaster yesterday, and its not working"

She says " would you like a replacement or would you like to see McGhee"

He started laughing and says " I'd prefer to see the manager thank you"

I don't know if you guys nick name it a gee too,

But he thought she meant gee when she actually meant the manager

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Yeah defo accidentally on purpose like me getting early to school every morning to check out the tilf...as for the thing on the ground boys that's a real man (a girls best friend 0-60 in two seconds) and lenny keep thinking ur a smart !Removed! my best friend will be gong up ur !Removed! honey

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lmfao, you two and your domestics!

It does look to me to be a slightly more suspicious object, I wonder if she ends up selling something else, with another 'accidental' naked photo and that little gizmo so close by! that will probably end up getting her another house!

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At least with the Aston when you turn the engine off it stops making noises and doesn't want to cuddle you.

Nor does it clock fingers in your face

And begin to spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T :lol:

Doesn't happen me day2day but she looks to be high maintenance,

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1. You can look at pictures of nice cars all you want to and not feel like a pervert.

2. You can lust after another car and your current car wont care.

3. You can hang any kind of car picture in your dorm room and not get in trouble.

4. Women cant go 200 miles per hour.

5. A woman cant carry four of your friends on a road trip.

6. You can replace your car any time you want and not feel bad.

7. A car doesnt have girlfriend cars that will talk about you and tell her that you are not good for her.

8. You cant install sub-woofers in a woman.

9. You can rub and wax a car in your driveway and not get arrested.

10. Cars dont care if you leave them in the garage overnight.

11. Cars dont care if you go on a trip for three weeks and dont call them.

12. I f you are nice enough, your friend will almost always let you borrow their car.

13. You can get together with friends and compare cars and not sound like pigs.

14. Cars dont get mad at you for no reason every 28 days.

15. You can have two cars at once and they wont be jealous of each other.

16. Cars dont have relatives that you have to be nice to.

17. You can always test drive a car before making a commitment.

18. Cars come with an owners manual.

19. Your car does not care if you get fat and walk around with no shirt on.

20. You have 100% complete control over the direction of that car at all times.

21. You can stare at nice cars in a parking lot and your car wont care.

22. You cant put a bumper sticker that says Hows my driving? Dial 1-800- EAT-S*IT! on a woman.

23. Cars could not care less about commitment.

24. You dont mind too much if your friends always want a ride in your car.

25. If your car is being repaired, you can usually get a loaner car.

26. If you are 21, you can legally rent a car. Nuff said

27. You can complain about how ratty your car looks and people think its funny.

28. You can sell your car to a complete stranger and nobody will get mad at you.

29. A woman does not have keyless entry or remote ignition.

30. There are 50 year old cars that still look good.

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My response to

Number 1:

My boss called me a "car !Removed! pervert" at 3am lol

Number 3:

Not true lol I put up a 28" canvas of a focus RS500 in the living room and Vicki began to cry,

So I had to hang it upstairs instead :rolleyes:

Number 8:

You can still give her a bang in base ;)

Number 9:

Lmfao excellent,

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