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Fiesta Titanium 125Ps Noise Issue

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I have been the proud owner of a 125PS Ford Fiesta (2013 model), Titanium since about March this year. However in the past 4-6 weeks I have noticed a noise that occurs when first starting the engine from cold, it seems to kick in after about 4/5 seconds of starting the car and the noise itself lasts 4/5 seconds long. It makes no difference if I leave the car in neutral or drive off straight away, the noise still occurs. The best way I can describe the noise is a squeaking/rubber rubbing noise. I have attached a link to a sound clip of the noise, I am reversing the vehicle in the clip but if you listen out right at the start of the sound clip there is a distinct noise that is not the same as the reversing noise. The noise itself seems to be coming from the central region of the vehicle but it is hard to tell if its something under the bonett or something behind the central console.

I have booked my car to be looked at on Wednesday but the noise does seem to be getting slightly louder as the weeks go on. I am curious to know if anyone knows what this might be or if anyone has experienced something similar.


Thanks in advance

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Hmm interesting, it actually sounds like your wipers are on.

Get someone to stand outside the car and see if it can be heard outside first.

Let us know what ford say

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