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Stephen Leak

Remote Central Locking Gem & Key Codes

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I need some info'.

Can anyone with a Fiesta with remote central locking, take a look at their Generic Electronics Module (GEM) and their 3-button remote key(s) and post the code numbers. for example, 6S6T-15601-CL and 98BG-15600-AB.

For those wishing to upgrade to remote central locking, I'd like to find out which GEMs and keys work together.

I also need to know the basic details of the car, for example year, model, and especially if it's a 3-door or 5-door.

Thanks in advance.

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I can't help with the GEM module, but any 3 button remote, (Except the US version), will work.

When you sync the key, you actually put the car into the learning mode, and the code is read by the car when a button on the remote is pressed.

As far as I know the only difference in the key codes, E.G 98BG-15K601-(AA)(AB)(AC)(AD) is the series of the remote, and which transponder chip is fitted, as far as I know AA & AB were fitted with the ID4C, or red chip, while AC & AD were fitted with the ID4D or blue chip, if I'm wrong on this no doubt someone will correct me

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The ID4D chip is also a glass chip, and i'll be honest and say you can't tell them apart from one another unless you have a machine to read them, or chance to luck and try to programme them to the car

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I thought the ID4C ("red" colour-coded, glass) transponders were the original ones, with a static code. However, these could be read and "cloned". The answer to this was the ID4D ("blue" colour-coded, carbon) transponders. Like a wartime Enigma code machine, these use a new code each time. The only ones of this type I've ever seen look like a small black integrated circuit but without the connecting pins. My existing Ford non-remote key has one of these.

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Ah, your thinking of the ID4D-63 chip which is the latest incarnation of fords transponders, the 63 is a carbon chip, and on the none remote key is usually denoted by a dark blue spot as against the light blue spot on the ID4D glass chipped key.

All very confusing, I know, it took me a while to work it out myself

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