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Back To My Roots....

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So 9 months ago I traded in my 2011 Fiesta Titanium for a new Focus Zetec S 1.0, which I must admit was an amazing car! However with changes in circumstances I've had to trade my beloved Focus in and gone back to my roots and have returned to the Fiesta fold with a 63 plate Zetec S 1.0 EcoBoost.

I was a bit dubious at first about returning as I'd grown accustomed to the additional space and more refined/quality Focus and I must admit it getting into the Fiesta again it did feel REALLY small! Though from having the Fiesta for a couple of days now it's just like it was before and it is a great little car, aside from the missing toys that I had in the Tit fiesta back in the day....

Anyways, as everyone always loves seeing peoples new cars I thought I'd post some pictures for you guys




Just a couple of mods I've made so far...



Sony colour screen (thanks to iNath we managed to get this to work with a screen from a Focus)

Mist Washer Jets from the Focus





Will be changing the sidelights to LED once I get round to sourcing some from eBay.


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alright mate!
i downsized to a Fiesta too this year, also retaining the same engine i had in my Focus :lol:

from the sounds of it, the mpg is a lot easier to obtain in this car than before though B)

Looks really cool, Your front bumper lip sticks out more than my ST one too and looks more chiselled....

and good job on retaining the screen as the standard dot matrix thing would annoy me!

The main thing i notice now going back is sitting higher (lame) but the 3 door now means i dont see a sodding B pillar everytime i try look out at junctions (woohoo)

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Really like the look of the zetec s. Should of considered it over the st really. Would still of been more responsive than my previous titanium. Ahhh well you can only be young and irresponsible once lol. You have yourself a great looking car there

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Loz, I know what you mean! I feel like I'm sitting really high even with the seat on the lowest setting, just gonna have to get used to it I suppose...mpg is pretty good atm, though the cars only done 380 miles, I'm averaging around 45.1mpg..which will hopefully keep going up as the engine gets older!

Thanks Ru4hie, I would have liked an ST, but the whole idea of changing was to save money lol, which I don't think would have happened if I'd have got the ST lol - however tempting that would have been!

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