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Help Needed

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Hi, we have a 2010 fiesta zetec 1.2, we had it from new and recently my wife has been complaining of a steering wheel wobble when braking from about 40 mph, also same wobble at about 70 ish mph, I tested the car and can confirm what she's complaining about. I started with the front discs & pads, the mileage is at 35000, so I bought a disc & pad set from euro parts, padgid make, also the track control arm joints, and then the whole lower wish bone assembly both sides, we also put brand new tyres uniroyal on and had the tracking done x 2 , but still we have the same problem, is there anybody out there that have any ideas as to what is going on, we have had it checked at my local garage nothing but there's nothing jumping out as to the fault, any ideas would be very helpfull, thanks Peter

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I had the same problem as you, and just thought it was my alignment but as it turns out i had 4 buckled alloys. Mk7 alloys are known for being soft and buckling. Just take the car down to your local tyre fitter (if you recently had new tyres put on they should do this for free) and get them to give the alloys a spin on the balancer and they'll be able to tell if any are buckled.

I managed to get 3 perfectly rerolled and 1 has the slightest buckle left in it but we were able to balance it out and now I cant feel a thing. Apparently Fiestas are strange in that if you put the buckled alloy on the front instead of the back (on the back is the traditional way) you will feel less of a wobble - it worked for me, but I guess its just to give it a go

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Hmm thats a difficult one, I was going to suggest a broken engine mount but you would be experiencing a wobble through the body of the car more so than the steering wheel for that though.

If its a 2010 shouldn't it still be under warranty? Id take it back to the dealers and get them to sort it out before the end of your warranty. Then because the problem is on Ford's records prior to being out of warranty they should be fix it if it arises again in the future.

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