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1988 Ford Granada Project

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i have now got my 1988 ford granada and it needs a few things doing to make it look good again.

the granada is a fabric gold but its been painted bad on the arches and some paint splatter on the bonnet. it is in poor condition the body work. but on the upside all electric windows work great even the sunroof. the seats are very comfy. tomorrow im doing a service on it as it reaks of petrol when running, im also taking of the the sill panel covers and preparing them to be welded.

also need suggestions on paint as i need to repaint it. im thinking of keeping it fabric gold as original colour but im not sure where i can pick it up as im repainting myself

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If you scroll down the forums list, (past member introductions, general chats, under the ford models (Focus, Fiesta, CMAX, Kuga etc...)

You have the "Ford Modifications and Projects" area, you click Ford Projects and builds, and then your there! or here as the case may be!

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ok thanks. i started the car up earlier left it running it started going abit lumpy and sounded like it was going to switch of but i revved it up and it was fine for another couple mins and then do the same again. im going to change the plugs tomorrow see if it helps but im doing a service on it any way. its left a patch of petrol on the ground from the exhaust. where is the best place to find parts for this granada. so far the parts i need is two front heater switches for the seats, sill panel for drivers side rear, tailgate struts and headlining and thats it for now. the rear electric seats work great and everything works right. should take it out for a run down the duel carriage way see if it gets up to temperature right as it moves a very very tiny bit when its sitting there running for half hour

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today i have started cleaning the engine bay ive taken out the water coolant bottle cleaned it out. started cleaning the jubilee clips as im not buying new ones. i have taken of air filter pipes started cleaning them. havent done much today as im unwell. tomorrow hopeing to do the rocker cover gaskets and do more cleaning around the engine.

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changed rocker cover gasket today giveing the engine a good clean finally got some pictures. theres a couple images of the drivers door im not sure if to repair them bits or get another door. should be finished cleaning the engine today. bought the cork gaskets for the rocker covers cost me £11.87 got to buy anti roll bar bushes, sill panels, headlights and fog lights. looks like £100 of spending to get this good plus. last night i bought the seat heater switches for £13 incl p+p. there is also a picture of the rust hole in the sill panel.








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