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Eibachs Under Ford Fusion, Experiences?

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Can get a relatively cheap set of new Eibachs for my car. But i'm not sure wether to do it or not.

Not only because of how it would look but also because of the road handling and more specific, how much uncomfortable will the ride be?

Any one with a Fusion who can give me an answer to this question?


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Can't speak for the fusion specifically but eibach have a great name in the ford world. I don't have them personally but I have several friends with MK2 focus ST's with Eibach springs fitted and I have to say I was very impressed with the ride comfort. Did not feel to harsh so I was pleasantly surprised. I expected it to make the ride far worse and it did not. Also , greatly improves the stance/look of the car with a subtle drop (though not too much) and helps with body roll too.

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Thanks James, reason for asking is the fact that i also carpool with it and i don't want the suspension to bottom out with 4 people (4 guys, 85 kilo a piece) in the car.

On the other hand it can't be to stiff because of the back problem of my wife so i was already doubting it but after some research on the net and thinking it through i think i already know the answer if i'm gonna buy them or not.

Also took a picture of my car and put the wheels a bit higher in Paint. If i look at it i don't know if i like it, would look better if i had the plastic skirts and wheelarches of the Fusion+ i think.

If i didn't had to carpool i would take the gamble but i think it's better if i don't, for the looks and the feel (comfort) ;)

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No, didn't buy them, saw a Fusion which was lowered and didn't like the looks of it.

But the main reason not to buy them was the comfort, there isn't much now so then there will be even less ;)

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