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Marking Topics As "answered"

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Hi Everyone,

Management will hopefully soon be instating a new functionality on the forum. This functionality means that soon, you will be able to pick the post that answers your question. Thus marking your post as "Answered".

This will be beneficial when any new, or existing members come browsing the site in order to identify what fix to apply. When browsing through the forums, the "Answered" status will be applied to the thread title, meaning that if your looking for an answer to your question, and someone has marked it as answered, you can be sure the answer is there!

We have tested this already and it works rather well as a piece of functionality, but making sure that it works for all our members, and potential members, requires the support of all our members.

So, if you start a thread, and someone happens to give you the correct answer, then please mark your thread as answered, by choosing the "Mark Solved" button, in the bottom right hand corner of the members post (next to the Quote buttons).

This can also be undone (should you find that in fact your problem was not resolved by this fix) - Just press this button again and you are back as you were.

So to make the forum better than it already is, please review any active topics you have (or some older ones if you have the time!) and mark them as completed where appropriate when this function comes out.

Think of it this way - how happy would you be if you came across a thread marked "resolved" and the answer given is the one that fixes a problem your having right now? all it takes is two minutes to browse, find and implement! - lets spread that feeling!

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Well its now live across the models sections so if anyone has any feedback at all (positive or otherwise) please drop a note here, and we will listen!

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Just wanted to say, its good to see that some topics have been answered. One concern that has been raised on the boards is that some people may not like that the answer comes above the post. So far, what is everyones limited experience of this?

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This is a simple but brilliant idea, I don't know why it wasn't thought of sooner.

Many a time have I searched through post after post to find possible solutions or questions answered, this will make it so much easier and less time consuming finding answers.

This forum is simply awesome, almost all the modifications and upgrades I've did to my fez would not have been possible(for me) without the mighty FOC community.

The best just got better :-)

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