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New Mods For My New 2013 Zetec S

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Hi guys,

Been looking at this forum ever since I picked up my 1.25 zetec last year. Im on options so I will be picking up my new zetec s tommorow !

I'm looking to make some mods on it so I'd like to ask for your opinions and advice

I'd like to change the headlamps on the front. So what ones will I need to change and what do I need to look for.( crystal white is what I'm looking for)

Id also like to change the interior lighting. So what am I looking for?

Lastly I would like to install some LEDs but there are less important

Thanks for you guidance in advance and hope to see you around the forum


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If you want to upgrade your bulbs the side lights, number plate lights and all the interior ones are 501 bulbs. As for your headlights it's up to you, hids look very good but are illegal or Phillips diamond vision which make them look good but give a poor light output compared to hids

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