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I Just Cant Put It Down

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So, I was at work yesterday and one of the lads sent a link around.

Now, a very "random" conversation started on mums net. I will warn you that this is probably not office appropriate, but that said, I am sat in the office wetting myself laughing at some of these woman's responses. This thread is hilarious in a lot of ways. But having found myself unable to turn away from the screen, I am finding that I am only just about 1/3 of the way through, I was reading most of yesterday afternoon and a lot of today! so this will take some time!

Now, I am putting this thread here, because it should inspire a lot of laugh's! given the 'not so office appropriate' nature of it, I suggest that all feedback to this thread is of a family friendly nature, and not offensive or anything like that, such comments will be removed at least!

My feedback, I never realized just how some mums dirty minds think. From the PB through to Popping Candy and beyond, this is a crazy read, and I am truly amused throughout.

Given my gender, I don't feel it appropriate to join 'mums net' discussions, but I have to say, there is certainly a lot of randomness to this and I am quite happy to admit, I am reading it, and laughing.

my quote of the day so far 'grab your PB - you've pulled' :D

so, sit back, relax, have a laugh...

Here's the link

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I only read the first couple of responses and already I've got a crowd around my PC looking to see why I am laughing.

This is hilarious:

I don't mean to be rude, but are you both so dirty that you require immediate cleaning?

That must be sexy. You do it then spring apart, you rush to the bathroom and he plunges himself into a bucket.


Edited by jeebowhite
be careful with the words :)

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It is hilarious.

Just a reminder to all, this is a family friendly forum, so if you do happen to copy any quotes over, please ensure that you remove or substitute any words you would not want your child shouting in the supermarket! ;)

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Absolutly hilairious just shared some of the comments with the mrs and she is on floor crying

I mean come on is it really that bad to wait a few minutes whilst the mrs nips for a pee

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Lol the whole things nuts, but it is amusing to say the least, I do sympathise with the threads op lol, I recon she wished she changed her name before posting, all this talk of curtains, beakers and sink use...I had to put it down today due to working to move house.

I just wanted to have someone or my phone read it to me.

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it truely is very, very weird, I have heard of a lot of new things on there, but so far that is one of the betters!

I am now two days without this thread, I feel like I am quitting cigarettes, as I know as soon as I start, work will not get done, I will probably get shouted at, and will probably wet myself laughing...

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