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Ford Fiesta 1.4Tdci 52 Plate

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Right few quick things.........

am I right in thinking this has 4 glow plugs?

Also, I previously had a problem with a slave cylinder which damaged a component by the clutch pedal. From what I understand it essentially plugs into a wire to stop the car from over reving when changing gear......Do we know what this is and where I would get one from?



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Hi Bowsa, it should be one plug per cylinder.

As for the wire, it sounds more like your referring to the rev limiter, I am unaware of a wire that stops you over revving changing gear though, perhaps the fiesta area may have more idea's for you so am moving you over there :)

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Glowplugs, as James says, one per cilinder, 4 in total.

This is what Ford says about the CPP (clutch pedal position) switch:

CPP switch


Using the CPP switch, the PCM identifies whether the clutch is engaged or disengaged.

The quantity of injected fuel is briefly reduced during actuation of the clutch to avoid engine judder during gearshifts.

The CPP switch is located on the pedal box assembly.

On vehicles with a speed control system, the CPP switch switches off the speed control system when the clutch is disengaged.

Effects of faults

Engine judder during gearshifts.

So if you don't have engine judder during hearshifts i wouldn't even bother to replace it. If you do want to replace it, scrapyard or dealer i think.

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