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Ford Oc App Ios Now Out (Based On Tapatalk) Update!! Now Out On Ios And Android

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As promised I have been in discussion with Steve regarding Tapatalk for use on mobile devices. After a bit of arm twisting (I think I deserve some 'likes' from you guys here ;)) we have decided to launch our own Ford OC app and it is now available on the Google Play Store here for FREE:


Please bear in mind it is new so if you encounter any problems then please let me know.

Please download it and give it a try if this is to be successful for us then we really need to get as many downloads as possible and please give a nice review and 5 star rating (that would be much appreciated thanks)! :D

If you are an FOC Supporter member then you should also not see any ads displayed (another bonus!)


IOS users we have not forgotten you! Rest assured we are working on getting the IOS version of the app available soon but we have had a couple of issues to address and it does take a little longer to get approval to be in the app store but watch this space. I will let you know as soon as it is available in the coming weeks! ;)



The IOS version is now available to enhance the FOC mobile experience for Apple users - please download and rate! :)




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Ok cool, previous versions of Tapatalk had a mobile and a tablet version separate, it was a right pain.

I've been playing around with exactly the same app today on both my S3 and note 10.1 and everything seems to be sweet B)

Let me know when you have given it a try!

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Everything seem to be ok for you?

Sent from my GT-N8010 using Ford OC mobile app

Works like a charm!

Sent from my LG-P990 using Ford OC mobile app

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Initial feedback, looks a fantastic app :)

I have had a look and can see "Buy & Sell" twice on the forum menu, otherwise I cant see anything that needs changing!

Just had a quick look at this and I think it's because one of the buy and sell sections is a sub section of another.

If you notice anything else just let me know :)

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Yes very good I like it

Sent from my Nokia 3110 using Ford OC mobile app

I think everyone is happy so far.

Sent from my Psychic Mind using Ford OC mobile app

Like the retro phones and the psychic minds guys! :lol:

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