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The Dark Knight

Constant Dust On Inside Of Windscreen

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One of my pet hates when driving is when the sun shines on the windscreen and shows up dust/dirt and smears. Drives me mad! (no pun intended)

The other day, I parked facing the sun so I could see them all and broke out the trusty microfibre cloth from the glove box. I wiped away and could clearly see the difference where I had wiped. I continued until every square inch of glass was wiped clear.

My OCD with this even led me to adjust the cars angle to the sunlight to double check and it was clear at last!

2 days later and it's back to how it was! GGGGGRRRR! This could be the worst car I've ever owned with regard to this problem. No matter how much cleaning is done, it comes back virtually straight away. I don't like using glass cleaner on the inside due to heating elements and that stuff leads to smear mania anyway.

Anyone else noticed this. (I do except not everyone gets as mad about it lol)

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It annoys me too, I find cleaning the inside of the car 3 times a week does the job :)

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I use Widolene moist wipes - work a treat.

No need to worry about the heating elements as they are laminated inside the windscreen.

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Yes it is annoying,

I use window and glass cleaner but even that doesnt work all of the time.

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The problem is the dust in the ventilation system. You have dust in the pipes that blow air to the windscreen or your face. Of course, even though the fan is off, air is still circulating through the pipes, so the air gets picked up and thrown out onto your windscreen.

Try pointing the air down to your feet. that may reduce it in the short term, but unfortunately, I know of no ways (other than removal and dusting) that you could get rid of the dust from the vents...

Certain windscreen treatments can repel dust and prevent the magnetic attraction that holds it to the windscreen...?

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