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Titanium 2009

Air Intake Hose

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Hell all, I'm new to this forum and having just picked up a fiesta thought I would write a post to hopefully help me out.

I have a 1.6 tdci titanium, 2009 model. The problem that I have noticed is that when I was changing the old air filter for a new k&n replacement panel filter, I noticed that the hose that goes from the air box to the engine (being the small hose that comes off the larger hose) has a lot of oily residue over it. The end furthest from the air box is a simple push fit with a clip attachment, and this seems wobbly/a bit lose. I am just wondering if this is normal? What normally runs down this hose?

Or, should this little hose have a very tight fit at this clip end?

Many thanks for any help

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Hello and welcome

The little hose that gets covered in oil coming from the rocker cover (the bit that attaches to the head on top of the engine) is the crankase breather hose, this oil does not just leak outside, it also gets ingested by the engine air intake

its annoying and messy but not a reaally big deal (this part of the intake is not pressurised, because it is pre-turbo compressor) - you will not loose boost here - it may draw air if it leaks, again, not a big deal (it just means a little air gets sucked in at the leak, instead of all through the regular air intake) exept it bypasses the MAF sensor, so any air is not measured by the MAF/ ECU - as long as its just a small amount its ok

You often see the bit of the (breather) hose that connects to the rocker cover leaking or taped up in pictures of this engine- so its quite a common issue

i have a special catchtank fitted to my engine breather to stop the oil getting into my engine (2,0L Mondeo, different from yours, but same princepal)

The 1.6L TDCI is a PSA engine (Peugeot/ Citroen)

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Many thanks for the response, its put my mind at ease!! Just wondering what you meant by the engine being a PSA engine?

Thanks again

PSA - Peugeot / Citroen - developed engines in conjunction with Ford


the 1.6 TDCI engine (PSA DV6) is used in Ford, PSA (Peugeot/ Citroen) Volvo Mazda and Mini (how is that for a bit of "badge engineering" :lol: )

My information was the Engine was built in France, in a Peugeot factory, then probably shipped in a crate to Belgium to be fitted to the car (im sure someone on here will know these things)


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