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Indicator Stalk

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I have an annoying issue with the indicator stalk for my Mondeo (Titanium X '08 model).

After indication before it clicks back to normal position, sometimes the indicator is still going so I would either have to tap gently on the stalk to stop it, or indicate to the opposite direction and click it back to normal manually before it stops.

Does anyone else have this issue? is this easily fixed or would I need to get the Ford Dealers to replace the (possible faulty) part?

Any advice please? Thank you.


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I had this problem with 2 cars & turned out to be knackered comms unit(where indicator stalk joins to column). I know a guy(me lol) who took one apart once & reassembled it poorly, & the little spring thing inside was sitting wrong.Never tried it on mk4 though.

ended up going to scrappy & getting another one. theyre not cheap to buy new i know that!

someone on here will know if mk4's units can be stripped down.Its a pain though usually

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I ended up following this and (touch wood) for the last couple of weeks the annoying indication has stopped :)

1, Remove both screws from under the steering colunm, lift the top cover off and drop the bottom cover.
2, Remove the two screws holding in the stalk.
3, Pull the stalk away towards the door, you will have the indicator unit in your hand.
4, On the unit is a small circuit board, held on with 2 screws, remove the screws.
5, On the other side ,of this circuit board are copper tracks and contacts.
6, Clean these contacts,
7, Put it all back together, problem sorted, 20 minutes

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