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Mk6 Suspension Noises

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My 2008 1.4 tdci has developed a knocking noise from the suspension, the n/s/f lower ball joint was an advisory in the last MOT so I had both changed at the same time. The noise is still there, when driving I think the noise is from the front, but passengers think it is from the rear, it's a getting to be really loud now especially when driving over those raised painted warning lines on the roads. I have jacked up all four corners expecting to find something hanging off, but nothing, no excessive play to be found anywhere, nothing loose or broken, getting desperate now any thoughts.

I also have other faults that have developed all of sudden, please see other posts, everything seams to be going Pete Tong for my little Fiesta.



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Well I have had a development with my mystery knocking, last friday I gained yet another fault, the plastic hose from the power steering resovoir came unclipped and rubbed against the power steering pump pully, a presto no oil, no power steering. My local dealer got me a new pipe (£43:00), the only way to get any decent access to the area was to remove the o/s headlamp, easy enough and then easy to change the pipe, it was however that when I was cleaning up the spilt oil from around the engine bay that I noticed that the front bumper bar to chassis fixing was loose (very loose), on closer examination all 8 retaining bolts were found to be very loose and the noise that as been driving me nuts was in fact the front bumper bar moving and banging, this could not be seen from underneath or from outside as the outer bumper skin didn't move with the bar. \\\\\\\\but on driving the car it was an instant fix and no more noise.

Very pleased


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Ironic, mine has since 12 months ago when I got it made a clunk when turning left sharply at slow speeds on the passenger side but for the life of me I can't find what it is, it passed the MOT about 2 weeks ago with nothing to be noted, I have had my head down there with others wiggling the wheel but I see no ships, any ideas?

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