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Water Getting Into Rear Passenger Side Footwell

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Hi Everyone,

I have a problem with my Fiesta. For some reason the rear passenger side footwell keeps getting soaked.

I have taken the car to a Ford dealership to have a look at but they could not find the problem. The only next stage for me is to pay them to strip out the car and have a look. Seeing as I don't have a great deal of cash to hand I thought I would turn to you guys for advice.

Has anyone had (or still having) a problem like this before with their Ford?

Thank you for your help.

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first step would be lift up the boot carpets to see if water leaking there and running under seat to footwell....any signs of water then easiest way to find the source is leave the carpets out and drop the back seats. jump in the back with a good torch and with everything shut,have someone runs a hose all over the back of the car...

if car tends to be parked on an uphill slope, then check for leaks at the front by sticking your head under the dash whilst hosing down the front.

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One of the methods i saw on wheeler dealers was when Ed china put a smoke machine in a car to find a water leak. It worked as you could see the smoke leaking out of the door seals. Brilliant idea i thought. Just got to find someone that owns a disco now lol.

Quite cheap to buy on Ebay or Maplins.

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lol, nothing like overkill :)

only trouble with that is no car is water tight, you'll end up with smoke coming out from all over the place, doesnt necessarily mean rain will get in though..

think of it this way, park a car in a 3' will let in water

but run a hose over it, no leaks

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