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Higgsy's Zetec S Thread

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Decided create a thread tracking what I've been doing with my Zetec S.

Well my journey started at the end of September 2013 when after looking at new cars for a few months and originally looking at BMW 3 series and Mondeo's I came across the Focus Zetec S and instantly was struck my the looks and also the very reasonable price tag!

Here's the car as I first saw it on Auto Trader. The car came from Knights in Stoke, a huge BMW dealership, who sell any nice examples they take in part exchange on their forecourt and much reduced prices than similar cars elsewhere.





I started off with some basic protection mods:

Ford Genuine Rubber mats

Seat covers

Boot liner http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/330628187473?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

Lockwood Sill Protectors http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261175729105?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649


First Mod was to debadge and rebadge with just S badges, like many others I had a Zetec S with not 1 S badge, So I went with S badges on the wings/rear and Eventually on the Grille. I just went for the cheap non genuine badges for about £3 each on ebay and will see how they fair.



I was thinking on how to mount the S badge on the Grille, so I made a bracket by butchering an old bracket I never used from my old Corsa's Irmscher Grille, which turned out very good:


However once mounted I found it was at the completely wrong angle and not swept back enough, so I then decided to just stick it on using the good old double sided automotive grade tape, and its surprisingly secure and looks loads better.


Next thing on my list was my interior lighting, I wanted to replace the interior lights with leds and add footwell lights

So I got myself some of these from ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/290699764948?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

Unfortunately I didn't have the wiring loom/bulb holders as standard, so I set about making my own loom, I ordered the parts I needed for it from http://www.thetoolboxshop.com/ (spade connectors, multi connectors, heat shrink etc. apart from the wire which I had hanging around at home.

Unfortunately me being me I didn't take any photos of the loom (bull in a china shop lol) or the fitting in the car but it was very easy and took about 2 hours to make and fit the loom. I must make sure I take photos of all stages from now on as I was really proud of the loom - did a proper job with heat shrink etc.

Finshed article:




I originally replace the boot bulb with one of the LED's however I thought it could do to be a little brighter so I bought an LED panel from ebay and fitted that http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281054480776?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649



To be continued.....

So that's really all so far

Mods planned and will definitely happen:


Custom Heater Knobs

Rear Window tints

Rear footwell lighting (already have a spare connector waiting for connection to this)

Mods I'm thinking about:

Custom Stainless exhaust

Changing colour of alloys

Leather seats

Lowering 30mm (Eibachs)

Alloy colour chage

Android Stereo

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OP updated!

The OP is pretty much updated and from now on I will post my stuff inline. I have plans but it is all money permitting, I had a nice little mod kitty put by, but I waxed that on a Nexus 5 mobile phone the other week :lol: so anything big is off the cards for a few months.

This weekend saw me doing a service on the beast, it probably didn't need it, its only done 20600 mile and the last service was at 15700, but I would feel better to know its done (Arnold Clark have serviced it before :wacko: )

4x NGK TR5B-13 Spark plugs

Crossland cabin filter (Active carbon)

Hengst oil filter

Petronas Syntium 5000 FR 5w30 fully synthetic oil

I also fitted a K&N panel filter I got for a pretty good £36 delivered from POTN on ebay


To be honest I didn't do the oil and filter myself this time as was too flipping cold and I also live on a hill meaning I need to use my old dears drive when I do stuff like this, so I took it to the little garage round the corner and he did it for me for 15 quid.

Cabin filter was a absolute nightmare to fit - whoever designed that needs shooting, it was quite apparent that it wasn't changed on the last service earlier this yearand the one that was in there looked like it has been screws up in a ball to get it in. The Crossland one was really good quality and very rigid. I ended up having to take the glovebox out and completely disconnect/remove the fuse board/bracket to get it in. Some previous Ham fisted mechanic had also lost a screw to the cover and also cracked the cover a little where one of the screws went through :angry: .

Got the garage to stamp my service book too.

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How about a PowerFlow exhaust to tidy up the rear.

Yeah it will be summat like that. There are a couple of recommended places in the west midlands that do powerflow/longlife. I am leaning towards twin letter box tailpipes so it looks a bit different.

Summat a bit like this:


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Looks really good , i like the blue of your car

Ocean Blue Metalic - I wanted Silver to be fair, as it looks cleaner for longer than dark cars :lol: though literally everyone says they like like the colour, haven't seen many S's in this colour all the ones I've seen around here are White or Silver.

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Reposting as it looks like some of my posts were lost when the site sent down the other day.

Done last week:

Heater knobs (everyones got them!)


S decal on steering wheel:


I received my mudlflaps from Focus essentials the other day. And fitted just the front ones today.



They are quite nice, I disregarded the screw markings supplied and did my own. Used 4 self tappers per flap and the wheel arch liner screw already there.

Then the DRLs!

Ordered from Crazythegod.com in Taiwan. Took 7 days to get here from point of ordering, delivered by Fedex, Had lots of fun tracking them all the way here lol (They went Taiwan, Philippines, China,Germany,UK) It was a running joke at work everyone asking me where my “package was” haha.

They are really good quality and look great. I fitted them today no problems apart from fitting the grilles themselves was a complete B##tard
of a job – such a tight fit and nearly broke them, but got it done in the end! Basic steps for fitment:

  • Removed both front lights
  • Removed OEM fog covers
  • Installed the new DRL/fog covers threading the cable through the hole next to the fog lamp
  • Ran the loom that connects the 2 DRL’s under the panel above the grill/radiator/air intake, cable tying it down to secure
  • Fixed the control box to the side of the battery box with double side auto grade tape
  • Cabled up as follows. (+) via piggy back fuse to fuse 34 in engine fuse box. (-) direct to terminal on the battery. Blue wire from contol box to Orange/blue wire on headlight loom directly behind connector
  • Cable tied /routed nicely/wrapped in electrical tape all cables+connections

Man there things are bright! I have them set up to dim when the sidelights/dipped beans are on – they need to be, I was seeing stars after
looking at them on full power on a dull day!



100% no headlights


50% sidelights:


Very happy with my mods.

I am waiting for my private reg to come through and really looking forward to that!

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The car looks really nice in blue. i agree on how bright the DRL's are. Telling myself for ages to get a boot liner! got any links on the grille S badge?

Its just a £4 replica S badge off eBay stuck on with some of that black automotive gradge double sided tape. That's the easiest way and it very secure - well it isn't going to fall off anyway, someone could rip it off easy if they wanted to.

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looking GREAT !! 

I wish i had them DRL's .. they look so much better, look alot more standard... put mine to shame! 


80 quid all in. Direct from the sellers own website. They are 100 from the same seller on eBay. I will take some pics of the cabling install and post them too. Will need to wait and see if a get a letter making me to pay import duty.

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Also some more pics of the drl wiring install

Control box sruck to the battery box - battery box cover cover this for protection:


Earth wire:


Fuse box:


cable from drl loom and also control wires to the headlights routed between fuse box and airbox:


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Oooo . very smart :) i need a new gear knob !

Its just a vinyl decal ollie - same dude on ebay as I got the steering wheel decal from, he can do many sizes and go down to 1cm so got him to do me one for the knob - Think the seller left a bit guilty about charging me £4 for a 1cm decal (although I was happy to pay it) as he sent me 2x 1cm and another one the same size as my steering wheel one, so I have spares incase they fall off.

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Ah got ya !!

I actually do need a new gear knob anyway..I say need, a bit of chrome has come off and it's really bugging me.. Lol

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Ah got ya !!

I actually do need a new gear knob anyway..I say need, a bit of chrome has come off and it's really bugging me.. Lol

that kind of thing would bother me too!

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Looking nice, are you from Stoke thing I may have seen ya car around, I got similar plans to you including zetex s bumpers lowering and custom cat back exhaust

Sent from my C6903 using Ford OC mobile app

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Looking nice, are you from Stoke thing I may have seen ya car around, I got similar plans to you including zetex s bumpers lowering and custom cat back exhaust

No mate not from stoke I live in Brum but I bought the car from Knights BMW in Stoke at the end of September. The last owner lived in Stone so was prob my car you saw around! Have fun with the mods.

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