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Fiesta 1.4 Zetec Misfire Again!

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2002 1.4 Zetec mk6. I had the cambelt changed a bit back and caused no end of problems. Firstly, caused an oil leak from the rocker cover gasket, which the garage repaired it then overheated and !Removed! coolant everywhere. Again this was sorted new plugs ht leads fitted as well. The missus drove it and it started to misfire again. She called the aa who fitted a new coil pack leads and plugs. It has been ok but still felt a by underpowered when any load was put on it. Basically I couldn't accelerate from 30 in 4th without it hesitating. I have cleaned the throttle body and the tmap sensor as the were filthy/sensor had oil on it?? It had been okish for about a week until today when it misfired like hell in the m6. Engine light came on twice and I just about got it home with a steady right foot. Anyone got any advice?

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Just waiting for my mate with the reader. Last time it was pot 2. Plugs and leads and pack are a month old. May try diff plugs and leads as they may have fitted !Removed! ones. I'm phoning the aa though as well as the parts have 12 month warranty

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Managed to get a code P0302 which indicates cylinder 2 misfire. Exactly the same pot as before. I'm going to remove the plugs tomorrow and check leads etc. is there anything I should be looking for besides water in the plug well? I'm still gonna call the AA as it could be caused by the coil pack again. Would you think it's worth resetting the ecu as well (remove neg clamp first I believe)

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If its like mine the water will come through the washer jets on the bonnet and straight on top of cylinder 2, I had mine serviced and said do the plugs, I was greeted with a phone call saying my spark plug well was full of water, until this point I had no idea it was like it no missing or anything, so check the number 2 lead, and buy some of the newer washer jets with the rubber washer unless yours already has them and although it's not 100% dry only drips when it rains heavily compared with a stream of water getting in, I know it cured my problem because after a drive you could smell warm water if you stuck your nose in the wiper gulley but now nothing, I would check that out for a cheap fix or free in your case apart from the washer jets.

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