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Car Drives But Lost All Guts. Very Slow On Acceleration

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 09:44 AM



Following on from previous thread I set about blanking off the EGR at the week end and cleaned out the inlet manifold and had or have  a couple of issues now and I'm sure it's some thing I've done and hopefully easily fixed.


Car is driving but has no guts to it at all and sounds like a 1970's transit van compared to how quiet it was before.  Really struggling to get to and over 50mph


Here is what's happened

  1.  Some how managed to lose on of the manifold gaskets.  When putting back on dropped it into engine bay.  Initial thought was it went straight down the open EGR / intercooler hose.  Eventually managed to get this off to check. but no sign so no idea where that went.  replacement ordered
  2. found a nasty looking split in said hose (replacement also on order) not sure if it was always there or if I did it trying to get the damn thing off.  Bottom clip was impossible to get to and had to remove where the hose clamps onto off the car frame underneath so I could get to it.   Hopefully not done any damage doing this

So as the car is now it is driving but with a missing gasket from the block and a large split in the hose, both parts are due to be with me tomorrow.


There are no dash lights on (other than snowflake one but this has been on since I got the car) and other than the lack of power and sounding rough seems to be ok.



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Posted 18 November 2013 - 12:10 PM

The boost hose(s) and manifold gasket seals the pressure from the turbo (typically upto 22psi) if there is loss of pressure you loose boost, if you loose boost you loose power - its like driving an NA (naturally asperated) engine instead of a turbo one,(it may be smoking a lot too) once you replace the hose/ gasket you should regain your pressure/ boost/ & hopefully power 


The hose betweeen the inlet manifold/EGR and going down to the intercooler is prone to split, one side is connected to the engine, the other to the chassis, this movement, and the crankcase oil "melting" the rubber of the original Ford hose, along with the heat etc, eventually causes a fail (it can take tens of thousands of miles, though) a replacement silicone one is better, and cheaper (at least because the oil from the crankcase breather does not melt silicone)


let us know how you get on after replacing the hose & gasket (tip- the inlet manifold/ bolts do not need a lot of torque the thick rubber seals sit nicely/ if you torque them down too much you can squash/ split them/ they are "antivibration" and the rubber seals keep the seal against the head and allowing a bit of movement/ vibration in the manifold, look up the (low) torque settings, if nessesary)  


Once that is done should drive like a different car

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 01:58 PM

Find that gasket mate!. you cant afford that to fall into engine ports. if it did you might be lucky & the high temps would possibly melt it,but wouldnt be great for your engine etc.obviously your car wont have boost at all,if youve a gasket missing.get yourself a torque wrench ,this is a MUST.the torque values for these manifold bolts are 19nM or 12 lb/ft,& start from center & tighten them outwards. If you do it without a torque wrench chances are you'll have the manifold warped & sitting squint,& it doesnt take a lot to make those seals leak.also the 2 nuts on top of EGR valve are 10nM

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  • Name: Ian
  • Ford Model: Mondeo TDCI Ghia
  • Year: 2004
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Posted 18 November 2013 - 02:20 PM

Thanks both for the replies. 

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