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New Rules On Dpf Removal Starting Feb 2014

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 06:34 PM

Ive heard this all before with cats/ decats and other things


its simply not economic or practical to equip every MOT testing station with special equipment, it may be a good few years untill things are different from what they are now (simple particulates test and visual inspection of the prescence of a DPF, when possible)  


This is a political thing, not a technical one - politically- the government wants to stop people from removing their DPFs, but without the technical means of detecting a DPF is present or not, so a press release is given where they say DPF deletes on cars that had them as OE spec are outlawed but there is no practical way of testing the prescence of a DPF or not >>provided the car does not produce exessive particulates(smoke) and the DPF looks phisically unaltered from the outside/ with a phisical inspection<<, so basically, its propaganda, and it will scare quite a few people from getting DPF deletes 


Governments / eurocrats should not get involved in technical matters - because they don't really understand these things and almost always mess them up- it should be left to the designers/ technicians who know what they are doing  


The overall impact of the presence of the DPF must be looked at, including the cost, materials used and amont of pollution produced to manufacture the DPF/ over and over during the vehicles lifespan,, the extra cost to the consumer of the DPF, the extra poluttion the extra fuel required causes to the enviroment during normal running and during forced regens etc that the presence of the DPF causes etc etc and the exessive consumption a faulty or blocked DPF causes  


Another thing to point out is the DPF does not actually stop a diesel engine producing soot, it only collects it (the engine produces same amount of soot with, or without a DPF) - when a DPF equipped engine gets older, it can produce smoke particles when accelerating, especially in the lower gears (in built up areas/ potentially near schools etc) instead of it being "spread around"  


if a DPF - eqquiped diesel car is used frequently for short journeys, the consumption can go right up, this fuel has to be refined etc, and the overall pollution/ impact on the enviroment may be considerable


Engines (and fuels) need to be developed to the point that something as backward as a DPF is no longer nessesary because the emmisions from the engine is clean enough anyway


Companies and garages will continue to provide DPF deletes (probably for years to come) but they will be officially for "off road use only" (eg for your "track day" 1.6 TDCI :lol: ) - simples  

lot of that is incorrect

for starters, there is no test for particulates at present on diesels...its plain old smoke density...granted, with diesel, that smoke will contain particulates but the equipment used to measure cannot detect what that smoke consists of.


it is a political decision, but not the uk, its european legislation in reducing pollution and its a legislation that is spreading worldwide as its common knowledge that diesel particulate is harmful to both the atmosphere and health...technical side of this is the massive growth in diesel sales worldwide compared to 20/30 yrs ago..the manufacturers of diesel burners, not just cars, have always worked towards cleaner burners long before any legislation came in, the dpf system was going to happen anyway, despite any new laws.

as for politics staying out of it...will never happen, you need to understand the harm these particulates cause to human health, that alone stops it being just a technical issue.

your correct in stating dpf system engine stil produce sootl, but your wrong about the amount, the modern engine produces less and less soot as technology advances, the dpf is just collecting what is left...trust me, stick a dpf in a 25 yr old bus or taxi for eg,  it wont last very long at all,

the whole point of the dpf is to stop the particulates, if a dpf is still fitted then those particulates will not release in any greater amount as they cannot bypass the filter, no matter how many miles the engine is done or how hard you accelerate, yes it will use more fuel when blocking but thats down to lack of maintenence/knowledge of system and flawed technology.

can assure you, even track day engines will not be allowed to remove the dpf if one was fitted from new, it has always been an illegal practice on anything, not just cars.

as i said before, would be far easier to do something that will stop the firms deleting, dead in their tracks, in time the deletes will become less and less popular anyway.

comparing to decats is irrelevent as they do completely different tasks, but like petrol/cat engines, in time the techology will improve to make the dpf system far more reliable and possibly negate the use in years ahead.


one things for certain, its not going to happen in feb, it will get more detailed as years go by....i was never interested in buying a motor with dpf, looking at the way things will head in the future, i very much doubt i'll buy a diesel again either.

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  • Name: Leonard
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Posted 21 December 2013 - 08:03 PM

I disagree! You just need to know how to drive. I have a diesel and despite understanding where you are coming from if you anticipate the corners and get on the power before you would normally need to, you get all the Power you need at the right time to pull you out of the bends. I regularly destroy a lot of my friends on tracks who own similar engined petrol variants. I would imagine the 1.6 may be a little more sluggish than mine.

i can understand having a 2.0TDCi on the track, but my 1.6TDCi for example was a 90bhp model as standard now remapped to 125bhp, ive not had it n a track but i have had it on bendy mountain roads and i see your point to anticipate corners and select the right gear to get power on exit but its alot more work compared to dropping a gear in a petrol, ive not driven a 2.0TDCi but yeah the 1.6TDCi is slow in 2nd and 3rd gear  

Lenny... I used to track my last focus... Nothing wrong with a diesel track car, just have to adjust driving style from those dirty high revving petrols!!!My old 1.8 was awesome at overtaking things then covering them in a black mist ;)You've just been derv'd!!Such a satisfying feeling knowing you've just beaten someone that thinks their petrol car is much better than your tdci

:) I bet a colt on a good long straight few months ago, and kept up with a golf gti before well around quarter mile behind :lol: but what cost him half a tank cost me a quarter, I do enjoy diesel but sometimes you can't beat the smell, sound and performance of a petrol

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 08:22 PM

Petrol is a swear word around me lol!

Tho I am still considering a ST... Especially now I'm doing minimal miles...

#124 Lenny


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  • Name: Leonard
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  • Year: 2010
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Posted 21 December 2013 - 09:50 PM

Petrol is a swear word around me lol!Tho I am still considering a ST... Especially now I'm doing minimal miles...

Better off with a mk1 RS or Honda S2000
The mk2 focus is very heavy and the steering radius of the ST isint great,
Trust me I'm rolling with the ST chassis setup suspension and wheels

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