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Hello everyone!

Just got my first ford! I drive them all the time in work and know how reliable they are!

I've just traded in my 2007 E92 BMW 330D Coupe and now have a.........

Mk7 Fiesta

EcoBoost (1.0L 125BHP)

Titanium X

with the street pack and I love it!!!!

£0 Road TAX! - WOW!

Only 4k on the clock, so it's the newest car I've ever owned!

Picked it up on Friday so I'm still working it all out, so far I'm getting 45MPG which is just unreal.

First fill up took 40L and only cost £52! I'm loving the figures already.

Took 6 weeks waiting for the right spec'd one to come up before I took the hit on my beemer but so far, so good!

I've not taken any good photos yet but I gave it my first clean today... Snowfoam, 2BM and towel dry - paint work is brilliant *touch wood*

Here he/she is... my "unnamed" fezza!

Cheers, Gary.






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Loving mine, no regrets leaving my i30 for it 3 weeks ago now. 43 mpg and a daily fun drive with a great engine soundtrack!

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Welcome mate, you got yourself a really nice car there. Same as me I'm a first time ford owner, bought a focus back in may 1.6tdci titanium with a similar just over 4k on the clock. Only £20 tax for the year i was stunned :|

Nice to see you got yourself a black ford like me as well.

P.s. i found a lot of Autoglym products to work very well with the panther black. the resin polish is brilliant.

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