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Installing Ipod 'dock' Connector In My '07 Fiesta...?

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I have a 2007 Fiesta Zetec 1.4.

It has a pretty standard Ford Radio/CD player HiFi with an Aux input for connecting my iPhone/iPod, but what I'd rather have is a permanent 'dock connector' style cable (i.e. the 30-pin adapter that plugs into the bottom of an iPhone/iPod to provide both power and line-out audio) that I can install in the glove box so that I can just leave an old iPod in there on repeat for constant playback.

I'd like it to be in the glove box because whenever I use my iPod in-car through the Aux port, I have to connect the audio, then connect the power to a cigarette-lighter/USB adapter, and then pack it all away when I park for fear it will be attractive to thieves etc. As well as hiding it away, I'd rather do it with the 30-pin line out connector because when I connect an iPod via the Aux-in port and charge it at the same time, I get a nasty ground loop/earth hum coming through the Speakers (which varies when I rev the engine/change gears etc).

So all in all, if I could end up with a single cable coming out in the glovebox somewhere which could both charge my iPod AND pass audio through to the radio (even if this disabled the external Aux-in port to do so) I would be well pleased. If I could still use the Aux-in port that would be even better. So basically I'm assuming I need to cannibalise a 30-pin connector and find a way to plug the audio pins into my stereo and also find a 5V line somewhere to charge the pod... unless some clever person has already manufactured a cable to do just this....??

Anybody know how I might go about this??

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There is this option-


I use one in my Focus and the sound quality is spot on.

To use it from the glovebox you'd need a 12 volt socket extension or just plug it into a convenient socket and hide the ipod away anywhere you like.

The plug also allows control of track/folder skip and play/pause.

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Thanks for the suggestion but I worry that this is still going to be an attraction for would-be thieves as it's quite obvious (if you were to peer in for a good look...).

A friend added an iPod connector to his car via one of these cables from http://www.xcarlink.co.uk/

I wonder if any of theirs would be compatible with mine? (I think it's a 6000CD head unit....)

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I fitted this to my car. Pretty easy to fit. The Ipod cable feeds through into the glovebox, control on the steering wheel and also I get hands free calls from my phone via bluetooth. Seems to work seamlessly..... might be a bit more than what you were looking for though?


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