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Escort Mk3 1.3 To 2.0L Ztec

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Hi iam new and hope to meet up at some meets. After returning from ford fair i am wanting to take my 1.3 cvh out and put in a full ztec, i do not want a zvh as i use my car daily and would really like a full ztec. I would really like some advice as i here so many different things. I am told i would need an escort ztec sump if i was using a 2.0L mondeo lump. Plus a 1.6 3i or rs gear box. Now if i got the mondeo loom and ecu with the engine could i use the electronic ignition or would i have to change my barrel and key as its programed . Not sure about what petrol tank either. Lots of people donig this but i really could do with some friends on here to advise me :)

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The Escort 1.8 Zetec sump has the cut out in it for the exhaust front pipe to run through as the Mondeo 2.0 one doesn't, you will also need the 1.8 pick up pipe to match the sump, maybe the 1.8 oil pump too, not too sure if I changed mine.

You will need to extend your exhaust a few inches to reach the Zetec front pipe as it will be too short, I chopped and sleeved mine.

Use a 1.6 gearbox as you will probably munch the 1.3 one by the time you reach the end of the street, I did!

Use the 1.8 Zetec flywheel & clutch as it will fit the 1.6 gearbox splines.

I think I had to remove some material from the 2.0 block so the CV joint into the gearbox wouldn't foul the block, check this before fitting the engine and gearbox to the car as I seem to remember it was quite obvious it would foul the Offside driveshaft!

You might struggle getting the Zetec Alternator to fit, some do, some don't. If I remember right I had to use my CVH Alternator fitted to the Zetec bracket & fit the Zetec Alternator pulley onto the CVH Alternator!

Use a Focus inlet manifold.

Use the XR3i/RS Turbo fuel tank & pump with fuel lines, modify the fuel lines to use the Zetec push fit ends so you can use the Zetec fuel filter.

For the ECU, I used a Mondeo non PATS one, off the top of my head you need one with either a DEEP, DESK or DEWY code.

If I remember anything else I will let you know but that little lot should get you started.

Good luck!

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