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Check Engine Light - Walkthrough On Diagnostic If Possible :)

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Hi folks,

after attending a funeral today i noticed the check engine light was on. Having done a bit of research i understand you can do a diagnostic to identify the code which highlights the fault?

Could someone kindly walk through how you do this? bit of a ditz on cars

Do i need to know the codes?


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Hi Leigh,

Its difficult in a way. If you do not have a dash computer, then you cant access self test, but you can still read the codes.

You will need a code reader, which you can buy cheaply offline. I would suggest in order to start the ball rolling, have a look at my signature at "got an error on your car?" as this will guide you in what you need to buy to check. Ensure that the device you buy is definately suitable for your car.

the engine light can often mean that a sensor is misbehaving, and normally something important. If there are any other lights, that would arrow down the source of the issue without a code, but if its on its own, it could be that any one of the hundreds of sensors on the car could be providing a faulty reading.

If the car is not misbehaving then I would suggest you get a code reader to investigate further.

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