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Mondeo 2.5 Ghia V6 - Concern *advice Needed*

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Well I recently bought a Mondeo 2.5 Ghia V6 at a bargain price, it's only got 100k on the clock so plenty more mile in it.

I must say I love this car, apart from one problem that is concerning me (It's possibly 2 problems, but I think they are linked).

When I accelerate over 3000rpm and give it some power, the steering pulls to the right considerably (It looks like I'm swerving). I also have an issue that when I go around a roundabout, the traction control sometimes kicks in. These are on roundabouts that I've driven around for many years, so I know these roads and the conditions they get into, so it seems strange that the traction control kicks in.

The big concern for me though, is the steering when the car is given some power. Any advice to what this could be, before I start stripping front end.


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I originally thought it might have been torque causing it, but with the way it over steers to the right I changed my mind. When you hit 3000 - 5000 rpm and you get the boost in power, it's at that point it over steers. As soon as I lower acceleration, it then steers to the left. I don't know if you've ever done it, but it feels like it drifts as it would on water or ice when you hit a dense patch and it over steers.

I've not checked anything as of yet, as I want to wait and see what's people thoughts are on it.

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Ok first think u would need have a look underneath does it drive fine when cruising any history possibly crash damaged check tyres the same on each axle check all suspension for wear then a wheel alignment check

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Just wondering after speaking with the father in law, could it possibly be front diff that's causing the issue not distributing power correctly so causing over steer?

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