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I have new alloys waiting to go on my Mk2 Focus, the existing ones are 16"x6.5J, with an offset of 52.5... The tyres are 205/55/R16

The new ones however, are 18"x8J with an offset of 40. The Alloys themselves should fit, but if I were to put on 225/40/R18 tyres which I hope to do... Would they rub the suspension? Bit of a specific question but i'm hoping at least one of you can help me! Thanks!

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i think youll find they will fit, as the rs focus mk2 has 18" alloys as standard, and ford will still use the same body / chassis layout for all the mk2 focus so id say youd be good to go :) if you put in on youtube, ford focus tranformation part 1, a guy changed his for the same as the ones your getting and they fiited fine,

heres the link

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18x8 should be fine, but if you plan on lowering it's advised to fit the steering rack limiter kit to prevent rubbing. I have 18x8 genuine ST alloys, lowered about 40mm, and my driver's front wheel rubs on the arch liner on full left lock. Doesn't bother me much so I still haven't fitted the rack limiter kit. Had aftermarket 18x7.5 on it when I got it and they had no issues whatsoever with rubbing, even with it lowered.

Just a quick note on the RS...pretty sure they were 19x8.5 fitted as standard, but Ford do an 18x8 version of them too. Also think the suspension etc was a completely different set up and obviously wings/arches were flared too to help fit the width. Not meaning to be pedantic or anything by the way, just a heads up to be careful if looking at RS parts! ;)

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Ford manual recommends 225/40R18 for the mk2.5. As its pretty much the same car as the mk2, it should be fine, but id advise you to check your owners manual under the wheels/tyres section.

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