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Engine Swap

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I have a Ford fiesta mk6 08 1.25, Recently my battery had died and i had left my friend to jump start it but had put on the wrong way, On the dash it is coming up high temperature and engine system fault. I am assuming either the ECU is fried or the wiring loom has melted. if i need to replace engine what would be the best engine that would fit straight in but obviously want a bigger size.

Thanks stevie.

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Likeyhood is that you've fried the ECU...

I did this to mine a few weeks ago...although I'm positive (excuse the pun) that I jumped it right..

For my 1.6 TDCI ford quoted me 1290 all in to souce+fit a new ECU on the motor, shocked at how much it was I had a look to see if there was any hope in getting the ECU repaired - sent it off to a place called ECU-Technologies who are testing it (as we speak) will let you know later if it can be saved (will vary from car to car)

I was quoted 200 to fix IF it can be done, if not just £35 for testing so seems pretty fair!

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