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Looking For Ford Cougar Filler Pipe

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easiest answer is to find someone with immediate access to microcat (unfortunately I dont have it accessible for a week or so) they might be able to track the FINIS code and see if any other model of Ford uses the same part number.

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Try Windley's Auto Salvage - they post stuff. http://www.windleysalvage.co.uk/ - it's a massive place and they have thousands of cars.

I haven't been there in a while, probably four months back now, but I'm certain I saw the remains of a Cougar the last time I was there. Ignore the cars they say they're breaking on their site - pretty sure it isn't up to date.

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Right, found three listings.

Price seems to depend on what year the car is.

Third price is considerably less than the other two but whether it is compatible with your car depends on the build date.

Enter your reg number (click here) and check your exact build date.

Prices are in Euro and the Finis number is what your local Ford parts counter will recognise.


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Take the relevant Finis code to a Ford parts counter and they can bring up the part on their Ecat system.

They will usually ask for your registration too to confirm the correct item is requested.

Looks like from your registration date you should be lucky in getting the cheaper part but registration date does not always equate to build date.

TBH I can't see the parts being radically different in design so you should be fine.

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Fingers crossed.

I had a long root around the web and ebay and other than trying part finder services came up blank.

Annoyed that Ford have pulled Cougar parts.

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probably sorted, but if not...

had a similar issue with an old Bristol, ended up removing the Filler Tube...cleaned it all up and repaired the old one using Fibre Glass Matting

litterally put 2-3 layers on it, once done, then coated the whole tube in a layer of Aquaseal, which is a mix of fibreglass and underseal thats used in the roofing trade, then painted in hammerite or similar...had to manufacture my own mounting brackets but that was easy enough as your only looking to keep it in place rather than worry about carrying weight or countering any movements/vibrations etc..

we did manage to source a new part eventually, but it was priced at £250 :blink: ...owner decided to stick with the repair...that was about 7 years ago and its still looking good as day it was done

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