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2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

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I'm afraid I'm also having powershift issues, along with other problems.

I've owned my 64 plate Fiesta 1.0t ecobost Titanium now for around 2 months. Bought it from a Ford main dealer, now covered 20k. Shortly after purchase the car electrics totally failed. Car wouldn't start. Had to phone the AA out, said the battery was totally dead, down to 4v. Explained to me not to restart the car, leave it on tick over. As it may not restart. I then had a 100 mile round trip to the supplying dealer. Whom then replaced it under warranty. Since then I've suffered from intermittent starting problems, takes between 1-10 seconds to start. Sometimes up to 10 seconds of cranking for the engine to fire up. Also at times, at around 2k, put foot on the gas, powershift hesitates badly before eventually picking up. The worst incident happened yesterday on the way home from work. Traveling at around 1.5k- 2k revs, 35-40mph. The transmission jumped to 5.5k revs, without myself pushing down on the accelerator pedal. Took my foot off the gas, nothing happened, car kept accelerating for around 5 seconds in total. I then slammed my foot on the brake pedal, car then slowed down, revs dropped. Just as well there wasn't a car close to me at the front. Could have caused a serious accident. I have now lost faith in the car, certainly don't trust it anymore for taking my family out.

I have contacted the supplying dealer, now in negotiations to reject the car, receive a full refund or exchange it for another car.

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