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Odometer Light Not Switching Off

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So I have recently noticed that the backlight for my Odometer (trip computer etc) screen does not turn off when I have the keys out of the ignition and lock the car. I wondered if anyone else has come across this? I'm a a little worried it could make the car a magnet in dark car parks etc.

I have recently changed the light in my vanity light to an LED bank which I've noticed also doesn't turn off straight away but does eventually. Also it is on but dim when driving at night (much like an unintentional mood light)

Could it be to do with this light? Is there a way to get it to work properly?


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A friend of mine had a Mk2 Focus soon after they first appeared. I was looking around the car (I had a Mk1 at the time) and noticed that hers had the exact same thing. I also thought it was a security risk, having the inside of the car lit up like Blackpool sea-front. I'm sure I read something in the manual which suggested that it was normal behaviour.

About the LED thing - that's normal. It takes a lot less power to light an LED, so the residual power on the circuit will be enough to make an LED glow, whereas it isn't enough to do the same to a regular bulb. All my interior lights are LED - you get used to it after a while.

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The odometer light does turn off eventually.

It can take 30 minutes or so.

The ECU and GEM stay powered up for that period.

All perfectly normal.

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Thanks for the Replies, How ever Stoney I left the car all night and came back to it the next morning and found it still on :s. I'll check it tonight if its still on as I've left it parked up at work for 2 days while i've been away. If it is do you think it might be something in the ECU etc that might need changing to make it turn off?

Thanks again

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Do you have something in the car that may be causing the GEM to stay energised (phone charger/satnav/power socket multiplier etc)?

It could even be an earthing problem or the recently added LED bulbs.

I'd suggest you swap out the bulbs and see what happens after that.

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The Only thing I can think of is the recent LED change. Nothing else is plugged in. I think I may have an earthing problem how ever as when ever I plug anything in to my Cigarette lighter it sends the radio signal way off often making it impossible to listen to the radio if I want to charge my phone or use a sat nag! Thank god for the aux port I fitted a while back!!

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