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Rain X Anti Fog!?

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Has anyone else had the misfortune of trying this stuff?

It's very dangerous

This is the description for it

RainX Anti-Fog Product Description

RainX Anti-Fog prevents interior fogging before the
problem begins! Anti-fog is specifically designed to eliminate interior
condensation, fogging and steaming, caused by wet weather, high humidity
& temperatures changes.

Features & Benefits of RainX Anti-Fog

  • Eliminates interior condensation
  • Quick & simple to use
  • Suitable in wet weather, high humidity & temperature changes
  • Reduces interior fogging and removes smoke residue
  • For use on Car Mirrors, Windows and Bathroom Mirrors

Now here's my story on why it's dangerous

I was in a B&Q just over 3 months ago and saw this stuff, read the back of it and it sounded ideal

Purchased it and applied it following directions carefully

However instead of stopping my windows from fogging up, they now fog up constantly, very suddenly and without warning whenever they feel like it. Doesn't matter on the weather conditions or anything, could be a clear sunny day and without warning they will suddenly fog up.

Thing is it isn't actually fog but the product itself keep coming back. No amount of wiping will get rid of it, even the best spray cleaner going won't get rid of it. All that happens is it swirls around and moves about but doesn't actually go.

Eventually it will clear from opening all the windows, but there's still constantly a layer there that will again come back without warning.

Its caused some very scary moments while driving, whether at low speeds or on motorway when it suddenly comes back without warning and my visibility is reduced to nothing and its very hard to clear again.

Has anyone else had the misfortune of using this stuff and please can somebody suggest how to clean this stuff off for good? It has been months now since applying and its still happening after countless times of cleaning the windows.

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Never used it and never will now

I'd try a tar remover like Autosmart Tardis or a panel wipe/thinners type product to remove it

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I used to use it on the inside of the visor when I had a bike many years ago and it was great stuff.

Try methylated spirits to clean your window. It has obviously put a film on it that needs taking off.

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Try turtle wax glass cleaner if the above doesn't work. It's a strong cleaner leaves glass stain free and grease free.

A friend of mine tried something similar for his wipers and as you've described happened to him, windscreen fogs up... but it isn't fog...

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