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Non Start - Intermittent Problem Mk2.5

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Hi, called the RAC out today after having driven around all morning no probs but motor suddenly failed to start on the way home.

RAC fixed the problem by disconnecting my battery and reconnecting it, but couldn't figure out the root cause and suggested I ask Ford. Thought I'd come here first :D

It's an mk2.5 08 plate Focus and basically turning the key to ignition 2 doesn't start the engine. The oil and battery lights stay on. Underneath the bonnet there is a buzzing noise. Apparently this should stop after a couple of seconds but intermittently it stays on causing the problem.

RAC wrote on the report:

Non start. Not cranking. Batt volt 12.47. Tested good battery, buzzing noise from engine bay when keys removed. Carried out battery disconnect. Vehicle started fine. Suspect module lock up. Advise to garage for investigation. Oil level on.

Does anyone know what might be causing this? Apparently it could have drained the battery I had replaced a couple of months ago as well but I may have caught it in time this time around...

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Thanks for the reply. Thought I'd post a quick update - took it in to the garage today and they ran Ford diagnostics and couldn't identify the fault...
So, no joy - could happen again any time without warning. Will contact Ford and see what they have to say.

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That really gets me up... You take it to Ford and they say "oh, no fault codes so there's no fault" For crying out loud just because there isn't a fault code doesn't mean there's no fault!!

Want proper diagnostics? Check out ScannerDanner on YouTube, that guy is a genius when it comes to vehicle diagnostics *even if there's no fault code present*

Oh and I would probably start by checking the condition of all the earth leads.

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If there are no codes , it's likely starter related as the pcm doesn't really monitor that circuit.

I've seen a load of instrument cluster failures , but you generally get dashes on the display and random warning lights with that.

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you stated u replaced the battery, is a calcium like for like ?

It's an RAC branded Exide battery they put in, think it's the R1-075. Looked for technical data but can't see if it's calcium. Is that a known problem, replacing calcium with something different?

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