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fiesta suspension WARNING

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I own a 2010 mk7 Zetec s. My office coil spring went with an almighty loud bang yesterday whilst driving at 30mph. Luckily able to get it to a friend who jacked the car up and diagnosed broken coil spring. Quoted  £60 to repair. Now I've read some posts on this forum. Going to get both sides done with zinc plates. Also going to email watchdog that this is still an ongoing issue with fiesta. 

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Well guess im screwed then XD under the hood I can see the two mounting areas for the suspension and its full of water and rust :( 

Should I just assume the springs are or are going to be rusting and done for and just replace them? 

You can hear a nasty squeaking grinding noise coming from one of the springs also the owner before replaced one shock absorber at the rear guessing the other one will need doing so should i just do all 4 springs and both shocks?



Fiesta MK6 2003 1.4L Zetec 

Edit: I read that this is for 05 and above but here is a link to my model :( 

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I work at a large Motor Factor and I can tell you ALL manufacturers suffer coils Spring breakage, we sell loads every week from Fiat to Mercedes.

Traffic calming and road conditions play a big part, but the springs take a lot of punishment on every drive.

With an older car just change them every 2/3 years maybe if you're that concerned, maybe change the dampers and bushes too....the handling will be great.

Ok, I'm having a bit of a giggle, but the thing is, springs give no warning.

Few crack in a place you could see it at a service and MOT really only checks the, as they are AT THAT TIME.

The significant thing here is how your dealer responds, they may well respond differently to each other, but on an older car what might reasonably be expected?

So it's not a unique Ford problem, it affects all cars with coil springs, even old leaf springs crack and break, usually less dramatically.

So, to avoid breakage, get them changed every few years.

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Had one go on my fiesta mk6, my son had one go on his fiesta mk6 facelift and I had both springs go on a cavalier 1.7 TD. They can and do break. (At the most inconvenient time!) The real problem is the cup the spring sits in doesn't stop the spring dropping (unless your lucky & it hooks itself on the cup like mine did) as the end coils of the spring are smaller in diameter than the centre coils so when they go the spring drops. If memory serves me right when you had broken springs replaced at some Ford dealers they fitted a redesigned cup to stop the spring dropping when they broke.

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