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Hi guys.

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts when to change the shocks on a Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI 2010 with about 88000 miles on the clock?

Lately going round corners, the car feels a bit wobbly and dives a fair bit under heavy acceleration and braking. Tried the method of putting my own body weight on top of the front corners but the car doesn't keep wobbling after I let go.

Other things I have noticed is that my mpg has gone from a steady 50-52mpg to 47-49mpg. I do the same trip over the course of the week and has been driving the same way I drive usually. I was just wondering if a defective shock could be the cause of that as the car was recently serviced and there was no issues to be found.

If the shocks need replacing, I was thinking of uprating the shocks and the springs at the same time. Plan would be to get a full set of Eibach Pro kit springs with Bilstein B8 dampers. (Eibach Bilstein b12 Pro Kit)


Anyone has used these on the Mk2.5 Focus? Would like to hear your thoughts.


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Best to check that the shocks aren't leaking if not I dout u need to replace them especially as ur saying the car doesn't bounce about with ur body weight on it. Check the anti roll bar bushes and check your tyre pressures are all correct as that could be the reason for your mpg drop

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To check shock u have to physically remove it an take spring off press down on shock it should come back up evenly wit same resistance even if not leaking shock can still be gone

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Doing the bounce check is usually sufficient, also measure the height on both sides to see if its sitting at the right height and level.

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Brilliant. Thanks for the info guys. I really appreciate it.

I am going to:

1. Check tyre pressure tomorrow.

2. Inspect for leaks in all the shocks. I only checked the front two ones but not thoroughly.

3. ?Anti roll bar bushes. I am guessing these are the bushes, black, made out of ?plastic that are on the ARB front and back? I reckon will need to jack up the car to have a proper look at them.

Funnily enough, my car is so low that I can't fit my even my head underneath it or get my body under it. And, I am a skinny short dude!

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1. Tyre pressure all round was 2 psi lower than recommended 33psi. Topped it up yesterday

2. Still need to check the shocks for leaks over the weekend

3. Need to measure height of car all round on a flat surface

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