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Focus >2008 Air Con Failed - Light On, No Click

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My Air Con is dead. I know it could just need re-gassing, but for various reasons I think its more than that, so just humour me - it doesn't need re-gassing....

I was in an accident over Christmas, and from reading various bits and bobs, some air con systems have safety cut offs - could it be that?

If not, anyone got any advice on where to start? I'm just about to check the fuses, but I'm fearing the worst really.

The button light illuminates, but no 'click' is heard.

Any ideas?


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Confirmed it's not the 'Air Conditioning Clutch' fuse. Swapped it with Horn (15a) and still get nothing...

Also it does NOT have Climate Control, and there are no faults listed.

Without CC is there a control module specifically for air con I can look at on ELMConfig?

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youll need to take it to a garage have it checked to see if it needs filled first port of call then work from there you may simply have a leak again none of it can be done at home

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Done that just now....

It was low, but not really low, and he helpfully filled it to 600g, tried it, nothing, and removed it back to what it was.

However, while I was there, I brushed slightly against the compressor connector and it fell off. Literally just fell off, so I'm thinking it's probably that, if not before, it certainly is a problem now - but I can't get the thing back on. Is there a knack?

He think's if its not the connector, its either a fault elsewhere or a compressor. £350 for a new one :(

System is pressurised etc. Relay + Fuse checked and OK.

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not really it should push on with a bit of force usually if you use the aircon regularly i doubt it would be the compressor if you dont then it could well be

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Got it - The plug is all mangled really, half the plastic that guides it in is missing, and that's caused the pins to get bent out of shape too. However, I've managed to jam it in pretty securely and -- it works! I'll still get it re-gassed but basically we're all good again.

Probably should delete this thread, but for google searchers: before you spend big money, check it's connected!

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