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Ford Badge On Steering Wheel

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You can just order them from the DMB website. They have quite a lot of colours to choose from. I went with carbon/chrome..


Here's the link:


It just sticks on over the standard Ford badge

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DMB is the way to go, they are amazing, but will stop selling them soon so get in there quick! The only problem is, you'll find you love em so much, you'll end up replacing the lot!!!

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Very bad news about them being forced to stop the ford overlays, as I don't expect to see ford make them. :(

With effect from the end of June 2014, DMB Graphics Ltd will no longer supply any GEL badges which have the FORD script.

This will not affect any of our other GEL badges. This only
applies to the Badges that are applied to the Front or Rear of the car
and the wheels.

Custom items with other text, other symbols etc... will still be made.

This does NOT affect any other of our licensed products. ONLY the Ford GEL badges.

This decision has been made by Ford Motor Company and not by ourselves at DMB.

Please inform everyone to BUY THEM NOW before they are gone.

UPDATE: As Stock is running down very quickly some items/vehicle
models/colours will disappear from the menus. NO custom orders/colours
will be made for these items once they are gone from the menu system.

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I love these badges, they are so easy to fit, look amazing and last forever, so what do I do? Buy now for future fords I might not have? Or spend my very very limited cash on petrol!! To be fair though DMB are great for everything else, my number plates came from there too.

Ford won't customize their badges, it's a brand, and if they ever did the price would be horrendous :(

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Something to do with the license not being renewed, not sure if it's the cost of license being to high to justify the cost dmb can charge, DMB simply said the license wasn't being renewed. Sad :-(

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