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cmax broke:(

Pcm Location?

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The ECU / PCM according to my Haynes manual is in the engine bay.

Whats up with yours?

kind of a copy and paste from my good friend Haynes:

Remove the plastic cover from the engine, push in the retaining clips, remove the cover from the PCM (looks like its next to the fuel lines, laying on its side). Remove the security shield and the retaining shear bolts must be drilled out. Centre punch the holes, then dril out the bolts using a 6mm drill bit. remove the shield.

Lever over the locking catches and disconnect the wire plugs from the PCM.

Undo the 3 retaining bolts, and slide the PCM from the bracket.

Refitting is a reversal of removal. New shear-bolts are needed to refit and tighten until the heads shear off.

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