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Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Mk2 Air Conditioning Issues

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I have a 2005 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Mk2 and have been having some issues with its air conditioning system.

It has the manual air conditioning, not the climate control system.

Every summer since we've owned it (October 2011) we've had to get the air conditioning 'gas' filled up every time we wanted to use it.

This often meant once we got the rare week or two with very warm temperatures, that I'd have to go to a garage and get the system 'filled up'.

The thing is, after a month or so, the air conditioning becomes non-functional, and just starts blowing out lukewarm air. Because the warmest of the weather has gone by then, it's forgotten about and the same process is repeated again next summer.

Now to me, this seems odd. Having to get the system filled up again after such a short space of time doesn't seem right to me, especially since we don't use the system excessively.

I don't have any formal knowledge about car air conditioning systems and it'd be great if someone could shed some light on this, and tell me if this normal.


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You have a leak somewhere get it serviced by a proper company, they will usually add dye so they can find where its coming from if the leak isnt obvious through a leak test.

Also using it more often circulates the oil in the systems and prevents seals from drying out and perishing.

regassing annually isnt normal at all sorry :)

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Going through the same issue and for all the hope of identifying it myself, I am having to get a garage to do it. The guys who regassed it are going to diagnose it for £30. to be honest, I was tempted to buy a can of topup, dye, and adapter, but it would exceed this cost.

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there is a common fault with the mk2.5 AC radiator, the side struts are rivetted on and over time these rivets breakdown and cause a leak

i booked mine in to get re-gassed and was told the best solution would be to have an aftermarket radiator fitted that welded the side supports instead of rivetting

the dark area is the hole where it was leaking


here is the new radiator with the welded supports


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Thank you all for your suggestions and information.

It seems like it's a leak, and I'll look into it.

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