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Galaxy (2010 On) Door Trim Removal

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Hello everyone.

Just bought the 2010 Galaxy and noticed something I should have seen before I bought it.

The near-side rear door interior handle is loose at the forward end.

Can anyone give me a rundown of how to remove the trim panel and tighten up the handle?

I don't want to use brute force and ignorance and regret it afterwards.

Many thanks for your help.


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Hi Paul,

Most Ford doors are a simple enough process. Although not familiar with the Galaxy specifically, you will likely find that the lower portion of the doors grab handle (underneath the window switches) the bottom half can be removed with a trim removal tool, spatula, or protected screwdriver. behind here is ordinarily two 10mm's bolt or around that size. remove these. Also, the plastic trim around the door handle can often be removed as well, so that would slide out. If there are any screws or bolts under there, remove those.

To remove the door card, you need to pry the door card away from the door, then firmly pull it away from the door. You will likely need to replace the door fixings (couple of quid off ebay) when you go about reinstalling the door. I had to do this after removing them from my CMAX.

Then you can do whatever work you need to do and reinstall is a reverse.

When you say that its loose, what exactly do you mean? it "wobbles" before it actually starts to really pull the rod top open the door? if so, you might find that you need to replace the door lock rod.

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Hi James

Thanks for your response.

I obviously haven't been clear enough in my description.

What's loose is I think what you're describing as the 'grab handle' - the one you use to close the door from the inside.

One end of it, the forward end, is loose - actually I think it's not attached at all. That's what I want to fix.

Thanks again,


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Hi Paul,

in that case, just follow the first part of my advice above, remove the lower part of that grab handle, and by all accounts, it sounds like what you are missing is the front (or left) 10mm nut, where the right is probably secured,

Once you pull that off, have a look, and just clarify. It should hopefully just be that the nut has come loose, or removed altogether

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