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Wiring In An Aux Jack...

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Hey guys, I have a 57 plate Mk2 with an oval shaped 6000CD.

As with many it doesn't have an Aux plug in in the glove box and rather than forking out £20+ for an Aux plug from Ford and sticking it in the glove box which is; I'm sure, a pain I'd rather wire up something using a small item I bought the other day:


It's a 3.5mm jack in one of the blanking plates.

On the front it looks great - It's the size of a 3.5mm jack (naturally)...but when I flip it over you get this:

It's hard to tell, but that is a metal cylinder which is far greater than a 3.5mm jack.. Sooo, I am just wondering if any of you technical wizards on here would know what to do...
but I'm not sure how to connect up my blanking plate...
any ideas?

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that certainly appears to be the case.

You will however need to buy the female with the wiring there to plug into the back of the head unit, otherwise your going to be stripping wires everywhere.

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I can't find a "6000CD to female 3.5mm" anywhere :/

Might be a bit messy but can anyone see anything wrong with This:


To this: http://www.thatcable.com/product/3.5mm-Stereo-Coupler-Adapter-Chassis-Panel-Mount-Jack-to-Socket-Female

And then linking that to the blank plate?

I don't necessarily mean those parts specifically but that sort of thing...

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May I suggest you alter the connector to this one-


I have a PDF on my home PC showing the correct wiring layout to connect an aux cable correctly to the socket.

I'll dig it out in the morning for you.

Buy this cable and then cut/solder the connections.


It will need soldering as the wires are likely to be plastic coated, simply butt wiring might result in no connectivity.

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Hey Stoney that would be awesome if you could dig out that pdf.

Looking how I can dismantle the blank panel lol..

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