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Front Drivers Side Window Wiper Problem

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I have a problem with my front drivers side window wiper.

I have brought new wipers for both sides including the wiper spoiler (housing), thouroughly cleaned the window screen, but the problem is:

it still misses part of the drivers side screen (in level with the eye, the most important part!) as though it is the top part of the wiper, even though it looks as though it is evenly touching the screen.

Is there any way to sort this problem out?

ps. they are the correct ones.

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welcome to foc

when lifting the wiper arms do they feel like they have enough resistance in the spring?

Has this only just started?

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Right the answer to this question is you need to buy a bigger blade to cover more surface area on the driver side its on this website http://www.fordst170.co.uk/howto.php all thanks go's to the bloke that runs that site the st wipers and focus zetec are realtivly the same


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Just thought I would put the answers to the problems I have encountered to the threads I have wrote because I found this website a lot better then ffoc & people pointed me in the right direction.

This website gives out free advice which is better then asking a question (when your not a paid member) on ffoc and getting your posts removed. Not parting with your money makes some clubs get petty & unhelpful (when you might only need help on a small problem)!

Thanks Ford Owners Club for your responses :D


The way I resolved this problem was by actually buying the official Ford Focus wipers & spoilers (housing) from Ford. My mate who runs a car garage got me them cheap.

The official Ford Focus wipers are the best I have used & I have trial’ed & error’ed a lot!

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