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Ford Stereo With Usb Problems

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Hi all

I have recently bought a 2nd hand 2012

Fiesta Edge. I am very happy with the car so far except for a minor problem which I wondered if anyone can help with. The car has a USB connection (without bluetooth) and when I first started using the stereo I could control the stereo through the controls on the dashboard on the car. I could select playlists by clicking back.. Scroll through songs etc. a few weeks later this stopped working. I found some suggestions online to re set the stereo by disconnecting the car battery for a few minutes. I did this and it worked for a few days afterwards.. Then went back to usual. It just plays all songs and won't let me control via car stereo, also sometimes skipping songs.

I took the car to my local ford dealer who re set the stereo.. Again this solved the problem for a day or so and then when back to not working. I just wondered whether anyone has experienced any similar problems or have any idea what it may be. I have heard it may require a stereo update.. I do not think this was done when I took it to the garage. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would very much appreciate any advice.

Thank you


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Hi. Sorry I am really not sure.. It's the one that comes with a fiesta edge 2012 plate? Do you know how I can check? Thanks

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