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Ka Modifcation

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Hey, so i'm 17 years old and i have had a KA for about a month now. Obviously i can drive and i have my license and that but i'm looking to start adding a few modifications to the car just so that i can start to gain a feel for changing things on the car and spending time on my car. I know the best way to learn about cars is to fix and change things on them, so i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas of where to start with what kind of modifications?.
I wanted to start with something nice and simple and relatively cheap as i am currently still at sixth and not working any more so cash isn't largely available but i do have some access to money just not large amounts.

My first thoughts were to add a tint to the window as i know this can be done cheaply at home as my dad has brought tint and done his own car windows before?...

But yeah, hi everyone and glad i could join the forum and chat with you all.!


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i managed to tint my windows on my fiesta, lower it and add some alloys (unfortunately it became impractical for me haha) still have the tints :), anyway id start with tints as i did, then maybe think about some nice astectics etc like body kits, lights and more.

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People ask this lol... what do you want from your car?? Power? Handling? Aesthetics?

There's not a lot of point modifying your car just for the sake of modifying it in my opinion; you need to know why you're doing it otherwise you'll end up with loads of little modifications that don't work together and haven't really improved your car in the way you wanted.

Window tints are good to start with because they're subtle lol, people I know jump straight into spraying alloys and stuff without thinking about it and the results are pretty bad

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Whatever you do, expect your insurance to sykrocket!

Start off with small and tidy, as a new driver, tinting your window is a BAD idea. until your comfortable and have experience on the road, you want nothing to detract from your attention or your avility to judge, so keep away from the tints for now (IMHO). Things as simple as adding footwell lighting and ignition barrel are good places to start! maybe add things like parking sensors and rear parking camera if nothing else but to help you get used to the car.

I would say if its your first car and you want to learn, dont modify heavily, start off with repairing. Stone chips, scratches, get used to polishing these out, repairing the bodywork sanding down and tidying up. Also maintain and clean the engine.

If you jump into the mod scene at 17, your car might look alright, but the insurers will stuff you over for every penny you have. Whatever your paying now, add 25% as the second you start doing anything thats likely to be what you will end up paying!

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To be fair to the boy, this is my first car and it's got a fair few mods under its belt including power upgrades and the like, and my insurance was only £900 this year (passed my test last March) so it's not necessarily going to jump your insurance up! I also never found tinted windows any hassle, just wouldn't go too mad and tint them to like 80% lol.

Cleaning up the engine and engine bay is a !Removed! good idea though lol. First thing I did with mine was take the fleecing out, can't remember if mine had an engine cover but if it did I'd have taken that off too lol.

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