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A Few Niggling Problems.

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Hi all..

I am having a few niggling problems with my 2001 focus.

First is that the front passenger electric window, goes down without any problems.. but when i comes to putting it back up (closing) it struggles to go up/close.. comes up very slowly.. you can hear it struggling. Does anyone know what the cause of it might be? If it was the electric window motor would the open window(window down) function also not be affected?

The second problem is that the front passenger side wheel keeps develeping a bump on the tyre after a while. This is the 3rd tyre that has developed a bump on the tyre. It is causing the steering wheel to wobble as i drive. Braking is not affected nor is the car pulling to one side. I have checked that the tyre is not catching on the wheel arch lining or anything. What else could i check/be causing the tyre to develope a bump?

Thanks in advance guys :)

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Hi Matey,

The down action of a window is with no resistance, so the motor drops the window, the weight of the window takes the motor down easily with no labour (its like rolling down a hill) but then, when it comes to going up, your carrying the extra load, puushing against gravity and forcing the window up. So if the motor is faulty, then this will cause the symptoms you see, it could also be the regulator.

As for the tyre, if you have tried three new tyres and all fail then it could be a defect in the wheel itself, have it checked for shape and strength and you may need to buy a new wheel.

Alternatively, swap this wheel with another and see if the problem stays or moves, this will then tell you if the issue is wheel based, or if you have another issue, such as the CV joint, mount struts, or another suspension related issue.

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We had a similar problem with the drivers window on our 1997 Ford Fiesta, whereby it would start to slow half way up and by the time it reached three quarters it barely moved at all. It got to the point where it would only (just!) go up fully when the car was running as the battery alone wasn't supplying enough power.

One day I decided to spray some WD-40 down the edges of the window thus lubricating the rollers and hey presto, it went back to working 100%. Of course after a few months it slowed down again, but just reapplying the WD-40 did the trick. I'm not sure if that could be the problem with your window, but it is worth checking before stripping it down and replacing the motor etc...

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thanks.. i tried the WD40 it did not help. I will try to buy a motor and regulator off ebay and change it.

Regarding the judderiing/shaking steer wheel.. I have brought a new tyre and it seems to have cured it.. will see if it occurs again and then take it to a garage. I jacked the car up on both sides and it all looked fine to me.

I have another problem which i forgot to mention, the central locking in the car 95% of the time does not work when i use the button on the drivers side door to lock all the doors. Only 5% or less of the time if I use the button will it lock all the doors on the car, most of the time it will only lock the drivers side door. The central locking works fine if i use the remote keyfob to lock the doors though. any ideas anyone?

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