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What Tyre Pressure Do You Run?

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#16 FOCA


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Posted 27 June 2014 - 08:17 PM

over inflating is dangerous for one it will increase the risk of a blown tyre and the tyre will not grip properly on the road very hazardous in the wet it will also increase braking

at 32 front 33 rear thats with 3 adults each weighing 12 stone since its mainly only me i sit at 30 front 31 rear which gives me the best balance of extra grip in dry and wet

I have found that i get more grip from the higher pressures i run, better braking, shorter braking etc  


One of the things i mentioned in one of my previous posts was the low pressures are ok for popping down to the shops, but not for high speed or heavily laden


This is a statement from a tyre manufacturer -



"Heavy loads or towing puts an extra strain on your tyres. So if your vehicle is fully loaded with passengers and luggage, the general rule is to add 28kpa (4PSI or 4lbs)


At high speed, (defined as driving at 120km/h for over one hour), your tyres will wear out twice as fast as when you drive at 70-80 km/h. If your tyres are under-inflated by twenty per cent tyre life can be reduced by thirty per cent. The rule here is to add 28Kpa (4PSI) from your Minimum Compliance Plate Pressure.

Believe it or not, checking your tyre pressure can have a big impact on our environment. An under-inflated tyre creates more rolling resistance and therefore more fuel consumption. By keeping your tyres inflated to their proper levels, you can help maximise your car's fuel economy and minimise its impact on our environment."


^^a quote from Bridgestone^^


So if the "Minimum Compliance Plate Pressure" is at 32 front 33 rear, thats at 50mph, at 70mph it should be +4PSI = 36 front 37 rear - thats Bridgestones' recommendation, (Focus - for high speed)


So an extra 4PSI over the plate if you don't drive like your granny


But of course, if you know better than Bridgestone.......


- i have also seen Ford recommend 40PSI for the rears when heavily laden, on another site, 41PSI is the recommended pressure for the fronts (thats on a Mondeo though) so in these cases, 40 and 41 PSI are not "over inflated"


It took me a long time and a lot of experimentation to find the "ideal" 39-front 41 rear (Mondeo) for me, im thinking of dropping these pressures a couple of PSI due to the warmer weather


At lower pressures you won't get any heat in the tyres so grip will be reduced,


and rolling resistance will increase (According to me, and Bridgestone, anyway )        

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Posted 27 June 2014 - 09:13 PM

Ok some good information and its got me wondering maybe should I change my pressures and see how things go. I usually just had went with the sticker on the driers door but as mentioned above its only a "recommendation/Guide" and I have noticed a differance in the handing before when Tyre psi has been altered.


so whats the best Tyre pressure I should use? 98% of my driving the car will have 2 adults and 2 kids and a boot with a full size spare wheel and the odd bit of shopping again 90% of the driving would be twisty B roads and towns and the odd motorway drive in the summer.


and is it best to keep the front and rear different pressures (ie F31 R 33) or all the same (ie F32 R32)


Thanks guys.

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Posted 27 June 2014 - 10:30 PM

Based on youre info any more than 37 rear on the focus and 35 front would be over inflated therefore potentially dangerous so no need to be rude in youre reply the pressures will depend on the factors but you should also remember they increase due to heat whilst driving so 40 psi when cold can increase to 43 psi or more when driving leaving only the centre of the tyre to grip with

2 adults 2 kids n shopping is 30 front 33 a fully laden car 2 adults 3 kids and luggage is max 33 front 36 rear when cold

Personally ill go by the sticker on my door from ford no way would i drive with 37 on the rear from cold nor do any tyre places recommend it even ford said thats over inflation causing damage and to stick to the tested tyre pressures on the cars sticker or book the mondeo is a bigger heavier car so not really relevant to the focus

A simple digital gauge is cheap enough and easy to check before you leave after 1 mile the tyres arent cold i use fords guide and check weekly i have no uneven tyre wear no handling issues both rears are 5mm both fronts 3.6mm the rears being newer at 2 years old


#19 frostman83


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Posted 28 June 2014 - 08:19 AM

I do 33 all round on mine. With a few passengers regularly.

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