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D13 HPD 95

Squeeking :s Help

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Hi all got a squeeking noise coming from the front passenger side suspension area, im not sure what it is, but its not a wheel bearing as ive checked that, also the car is lowered so could it be the shock gone? its like a squeek high pitched and only lasts a fraction of a second, but it picks when to do it, ie it could go over 3 bumps no noise but 4th it makes the noise, and on a nice straight flat road it doesnt make the sound, its booked in at the end of the month but anyone got any ideas what i could be??

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very strange you should mentioned this... a few months back I was getting this problem every time I went over a bump whether it was big or small my front left wheel would squeak. I booked car in to ford. they got it up on their ramp etc... but they did not find anything?

Would be good if you could let me know if they find anything wrong on yours....


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yh ill let you know if anything is found, its doing my head in ive had a good look around and from the pulling pushing i have done i dont think any bushes have gone or bearing so god knows will find out soon lol

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Have you jacked up the car? Do that an get the wheel at 12 o clock and 6 o clock and pull it back and forwards (12 o clock push in and 6 o clock pull out) if you think its the top mount you will feel movement. You should feel like its about to pop out if its really bad.

If its coilovers etc you have got on your car all the other suspension componants are put under more stress. Luckily ive only got lowwering springs on and my bottom arms sit straigt on the road which is the maximum tollerence for the bushes to take.

Hopefully it will be somethig simple and maybe abit of grease in the top mount could cure it. Worked on my mates mk5 fiesta an that was dropped by about 60mm

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sorry to bring this back up again, ive just had a new anti roll bar, links and bushes fitted for 4 brand new tyres as well as the garage believed this combo was causing the squeak but its still there tonight ill see if i can grease the top mount, but is that safe to do put a load of copper slip on the mount bush? and how hard would it be to change this? the car is lowered 30mm so i know some stress is on the rest of the suspension but its driving me nuts now twice its been in and both times fault is still there

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