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Does The Fiesta Store Driving Habits ?

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A colleague of mine mentioned that his Mini stores his driving habits, and if you've been driving it slow/carefully you'd get a much sharper throttle response from resetting these stored habits.

I was wondering if this could be the same on the Fiesta?

The reason is: I find the throttle response very slow on the 1.0 ZS - the turbo takes a long time (IMHO) to spool up, even when doing around 3.000 rpm.

I did drive it very carefully when it was new - no more than 3.000 rpm for the first 1.000 miles or so, and never full throttle until around 2.000 miles.

So has anyone tried something similar?

EDIT: Now that it's run in (and has been for a while - it's done around 7.500 miles) I'm driving it a bit harder, and this is when the throttle response is annoying me.

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The ECUs on modern cars do learn but it's constantly updating so it shouldn't be having that much of an effect so a battery re-set won't really do anything to be honest although some believe in it. I have heard that the driving style of the 1.0ZS is different to the 1.6ZS because of the turbo and it takes a while to get used to it but once on song the power delivery is a lot better. But not having actually driven one I can't comment from experience.

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I was under the impression that the only thing the ECU learns is the engine itself.

As each engine is technically unique, the ECU adapts to get the best out of it.

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It connects to sensors in the seat and if you clench your bum cheeks it will switch to sport mode with increased torque and a higher fuel to air ratio and crank up the stereo with some serious drum and bass..

But if it senses a fat ar5e after you have just been to McDonalds it switches to lazy mode, puts on some soul music and lowers the window so you can lean your elbow out and do a slow nod to the girls.

Bl00dy clever these cars.

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Funny thing is there are actually pressure sensors in the seat, so it can adjust the airbag to suit the occupant, and also bong if someone doesn't put their seatbelt on...

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Sandycat: Good point, it probably won't make much difference now.

As for your description of the 1.6 vs. the 1.0 ecoboost, I'd say it's pretty spot on - once the power comes on there's plenty of it, it's just waiting a bit before delivering it.

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