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Warning / Hero Points

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You'll have to excuse this, I know the questioning of moderation is forbidden but I have to ask this.

What's the purpose of these?

I now have one due to a "signature violation" and I was emailed about it, but I continued to post so was given a Hero point, why?

Surely you cannot expect people to jump on their emails and change stuff instantly.

Also I couldn't find anything mentioning it would be a problem anyway? With regards to being "inappropriate" are we not all adults on here and I doubt anyone on Earth would be offended, I find it hard to comprehend I will turn the news on and find an MP lobbying Parliament at prime ministers questions trying to get Autoclubs / FOC taken off the internet waves.

Just curious is all, it's only the internet and far worse stuff get said millions of times a week without reprisal with a far wider market range too.


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Good afternoon,

I sent you a pm to which I had no response and you also continued to post using what is deemed to be an offensives signature.

To add to that, two of your posts were also removed because of offensive content.

As I hadn't had a reply from the pm I sent you and you were still posting with such signature I took what I felt was an appropriate action to stop it being spread all over the forums and meaning the moderators would have to go along at the back of you and clean up.

I sent you an email, asking you to remove your signature as it appears you have changed it on the app so the moderators cannot change or remove it.

The rules on this site are as such because this forum is viewed by all ages and in workplaces etc so quite simply it has to be clean and friendly for all.

I hope you can appreciate where I'm coming from and understand why this action was taken.


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You did this before I actually read the email.

As for the Workplace thing, checkout Cliosport.net general chat section and you'll see this forum is Kindergarten compared to that place, also they like me should be working and not sitting here all day typing away and will learn this lesson about skiving off, should their employer actually care that is, content won't change the fact of what people are looking at when it goes through their webfilters.

and ages........... Hmmmmmmm if there are children taking part in this forum and looking for help on stuff.. oh wait they can't drive so have no need to, not to mention if they found this, they found worse online, unsure why the moral high ground has been taken here.

Might be reflected in the low members count, CS and VW forums and VXRonline have at least 10x as many active members, properly active not the noobs who turn up crying for an impossible answer, probably because they can chat freely and express themselves in a way they see fit so long as it doesn't bring anyone into disrepute, simple swearing and a few sarcy comments are not I'm afraid.

Still fail to see why.

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If you are unhappy with any aspect of how this forum is run or our morals etc then I welcome you to contact Steve, the forum owner.

This isn't Cliosport.net so we will do things our way, why would we want to be tarred with the same dirty brush as every other forum.

I may have said all ages but lets take a reasonable and mature approach on this, do you really think children are likely to be on here? By all ages in the respect of a car forum I would take that to mean from teenagers to older persons.

I know my parents would hate to use a car forum full of profanity and disrespect so you need to consider that too.



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comapnies frown upon individuals access to websites that regularly bring up inappopriate content. I have worked for companies in the past who issue formal warnings when you visit material that has innapropriate imagery, videos and language for that matter. The point about children seeing worse is valid, but again, we are a forum who like to keep its pride, and just because they have seen worse elsewhere, does not mean that we need members to lower the tone of the forum by any means.

This forum is a place we are investing in, trying to get the best people together and trying to give back to those who partake. As a supporter of the forum you have plenty of benefits, and surely the fact that we ask you to use a sensible tone on posts and signatures is not a lot to ask in return?

There really is nothing wrong with wanting a clean house, which is what we emphasise here, we prefer to have a friendly forum environment, with a decent turnaround of people who WANT to be here, and who actually feel that its a good place. Some people believe that entendres, swearing and words that you may not see as a problem can be very offensive and frown upon. Its not fair to those members of the public who want to partake in our community should be outcast because someone wishes to use a lesser toned choice of words in any message.

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Sorry I meant to add in my first reply, the questioning of moderation is not forbidden, any member can feel free to question any action against them at any time without any hard feelings.

Any actions taken by any of mod team are well warranted and reasonable.

Also, you were not given a 'hero point', you were given a warning point as part of the process of limiting your posting ability. I don't think limiting your posting ability was unfair or unreasonable and I do apologise if you think it was.

I would also like to reiterate the point that as a forum where we try to restrict the use of foul language and offensive comments is part of our aim towards a friendly forum where anyone can come on and participate or ask questions without having to feel like they are being set upon by the members, regular or not wanting to rip them to bits due to their lack of knowledge or understanding - which in my opinion is the impression I get on a few forums and I won't participate unless I need to in such cases.

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You might look at the 'NSFW' issue this way: Imagine you had a car with a serious problem, and I had the answer to that problem. Which would you rather:

  • I don't look at the site in my lunchtime, because there is a danger that something Not Suitable for Work comes up, with no notice, because it is that type of site.
  • I do look at the site and presumably offer you a worthwhile answer, all within my lunchtime.

I know that it can be a pain at times, and sometimes different people draw the line in different places, but it is for the best if the site remains free of questionable content.

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